How it Works

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How the System Works

 The QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System is easy to use; just ask some of our clients and users and read what they have to say.

 It takes a participant just minutes to complete an online registration form with precise, error-free, easy to read, organized data.

 This is how it works:


  1. Either go to the QuickEnrollment Homepage and type in the QuickWord assigned by your organization or go to your organizations website that is directly connected to the registration system

  2. Review the “List of Events” offered by the organization and choose the “event” you are interested in

  3. Review the “Information Page” to gather all the necessary details of the “event”

  4. Complete the “Registration Form”

  5. Choose any of the four “Methods of Payment”

  6. Receive an instant email confirmation

Managing the registration is even easier!  As an administrator, you have access to the registration data 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  All you need to do is find a computer with an Internet connection and manage your registration from virtually anywhere!



  1. Administrator visits the QuickEnrollment Homepage and clicks on the “Administrator” button

  2. On the Sign-in screen, type in the administrators User ID and Password (Assigned by QE)

  3. Review all of the functions in the “Administrator Control Panel” and do anything from:
  • Activating an individual’s or teams registration by using the QuickChoose function; the administrator has the ability to “Accept or Deny” a participant or team

  • Sending a message to ALL or a select group of your participants by using our QuickMail mass email function

  • Generating reports on the status of your event by using our QuickReports function, for example: Who has paid? Who still owes money?

  • Updating the “Information Page” with new details

  • Creating a customized form for a new event by using our QuickForm function

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