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QuickEnrollment provides a comprehensive suite of online registration solutions particularly, but not exclusively, to amateur and recreational sports organizations, their respective leagues, tournaments and events they run.

  The QuickEnrollment suite of online registration systems include:

  1. League System
    • For national, provincial and local sports leagues and competitions
    • Ideal for individual player registration

  2. Tournament System
    • For sports tournaments
    • Ideal for registration that requires “a group/team” to register

  3. Event System
    • For any organization that is administering an event that requires registration
    • Ideal for individual registration for Conferences, General Membership, Corporate Events e.g. Seminars, Clinics

  4. Customized Registration System
    • For organizations who have a unique need –
    • Ideal for organizations that are interested in customizing and automating their registration process and to meet detailed end-to-end business requirements.

The QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System was designed and developed to satisfy the needs of two groups:

    1. Organization
    2. Participants

If your organization doesn't have online registration and you want them to? Click here and we'll get in touch with them.


The QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System is an easy and cost-effective way to manage registration for ANY “event” you are running. The QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System automates and streamlines your organizations existing traditional paper-based registration process and provides your organization with a customized registration system that offers many tools to efficiently mange your registration. 

No matter how large or small your organization is; QuickEnrollment is confident that the QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System will save your organization money and up to 50% of your time.

Here are some of the features and benefits that the QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System offers the organization:

1. Seamless Integration

  • Easily integrate QE System with your existing website or database

2. Dynamic Form Creation
  • Customize your registration form with ANY question you need; using the QuickForm function, design your OWN registration form on the QE System in minutes.

  • Collect and organizes information in real-time

3. Immediate Fee Collection

  • A payment management system able to process and keep track of all transactions regardless of method of payment (online credit, offline credit, cheque, cash and soon, debit card) – no more chasing collection of fees 

4. Automated Report Generator

  • QuickReports allow you create customized reports instantly to track the success of your event, anywhere, anytime! – For example, print a report of outstanding payments

5. Communication Tool

  • Eliminate data-entry - data input is ultimately done by your participants and members; the database is updated each and every time the member registers

  • Save money on mailings, printing and stationary

6. Centralized Management System

  • Own and have access to information about your whole organization or event in one location!

  • Have ultimate control of who can participate in your league or tournament;

  • use the QuickChoose Function to  “Accept” or “Deny” teams or players

Are you a member of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association?  Through our partnership with the OMHA, we are 100% OMHA compatible, meaning we are directly connected to the OMHA Registration Database; this translates into even more value…

Working together to streamline Player Card and signature requirements process. Also, instantly assign OMHA numbers to NEW players and verify existing OMHA player records.

Assign players to teams and create rosters; submit electronically to Regional Executive Member for approval

Gone are the days when you need to pin up notes to remind yourself of this year’s registration.  No need to work around restrictive registration dates and times.

Gone are the days you rush home from work and race to the community centre to only find out there is a line-up to register! 

 With the QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System, there will be NO MORE standing in long lines!  NO MORE restrictive dates and times, just quick and easy registration.

Using the Internet and the secure QuickEnrollment Online Registration Management System, you can register for a league, tournament or any event in just minutes; all from the comfort of your home, work or from any computer connected to the Internet.

QuickEnrollment is that simple. Below are some of the features and benefits participants will experience:

1. Convenience
Register for a league, tournament or event anytime, anywhere, at YOUR own leisure, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. No restrictive times and dates for registrationPayment options – don’t be restricted to one payment option; the QE System is flexible to accept a number of payment options including online credit card transactions, offline credit card transactions, cheques or cash (and soon, debit-card transactions)

2. Informative
Obtain specific information about a tournament, league or event by going Online – don’t waste time waiting on hold for a person to answer questions for general information or someone to call or email you  back

3. Instant Confirmation
You don’t have to wait several days or weeks before you are informed if you are accepted – receive a confirmation of enrollment in a matter of seconds!

4. User-Friendly System
Allows for a smoother start to the registration process
Easy to use interface that makes registration simple

 If your organization doesn’t have online registration and you want them to?  Click here and we’ll get in touch with them.


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